Everyone who works with our children  at Eastern Hills must pass a background check.  Click below to register for the background check process.


From the first smile in the morning to the last hug of the afternoon, your child will know that he/she is loved at Eastern Hills. Our Nursery Teachers love children. Some of them are now teaching the children of some of their former students. Our teachers sing, and rock babies, knowing that they are laying down a foundation of love and acceptance which will last the children throughout life.

At Eastern Hills we want you to be confident that your child is being loved and care for in a safe, child friendly environment.

Here are some ways that you can help insure that your child has the best possible experience.

  1. Be sure to let the teachers know all the basics, when to feed your child, how your child sleeps, and if there are any special needs
  2. Be sure to have their name on every item they bring including diaper bags, bottles and/or sippy cups.
  3. No need to bring any toys, we have more than they can play with

Our prayer is that you will be able to worship being confident that your child is having fun, learning about Jesus and experiencing the love of God through our Nursery Teachers.

Please contact Sandy Harmann if you have any questions.