Pastor’s Paragraphs: August 25, 2017

Our church will face no more urgent and important decision this year than selecting those who will become the Pastor Search Committee.  These will need to be men, women and youth who possess both wisdom and vision.  I trust that you have given this selection utmost attention in prayer and that you will come Sunday with convictions of what the Holy Spirit desires for our church.  As I have stated, I am fully supportive of our church moving forward in electing this committee and promise to pray for their work just as I am sure you will do.

All of us gazed at the sky or broadcasts of the eclipse on Monday of this week.  While not a full eclipse here, it did call to mind the wonder of the universe and the One who put it all in place.  One man wrote, “It is good for man to open his mind to wonder and awe.  Without science we are helpless children.  But without deep faith we are blundering fools, reeling into one disaster after another.”

As Christians, our faith is based on a God who created.  Science tells us there are forces in the universe which under the right circumstances could eliminate everything which exists.  That prospect reminds us that God said it would all end one day.  The one who made it will bring it to a conclusion.

Faith must be greater than a weak and hazy feeling that somehow things will turn out alright in life.  What counts is what we have faith in.  If life is to have meaning and purpose, we must trust God more than government, more than science and most of all, more than ourselves.  We must come to accept that our worth to God was so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins.  We must believe that all He taught us was for our good, not to harm us or deprive us.

Without such faith, life is twisted, desolate and insecure no matter how much knowledge we accumulate through science and research.  Only God changes the heart and offers hope for eternity.

Congratulations to Chad Royal on his 23rd Anniversary serving our church.  We are grateful for his faithfulness in service to the Lord and our church family.

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