Pastor’s Paragraphs: August 4, 2017

Let me give you an update regarding the Mission VBS with Greg Gosselin and a team from our church, they are part of a larger group serving a church on the outskirts of a U. S. military base in Germany.  God has blessed with a huge group of children both from the military families and others from the surrounding area.  It has been a great time to plant spiritual seeds and to find new families for the church.  Continue to pray for their work and return early next week.  In addition to Greg are Miles and Anne Stepp and LaQuanda Hall.

One of my most favorite books of the Bible is “Philippians.”  This little book of four chapters has been an incredible inspiration to me throughout my ministry.  I am beginning Sunday a series of messages from this marvelous book which will continue to the conclusion of my ministry here.  Let me encourage you to take time to read “Philippians” through this week and plan to be present for all these messages.  Maybe it will become one of your favorites also.

We have been blessed to have Kyle Allen and Cara Walker as our Youth Summer Interns.  They have been among the most effective ever.  Our youth, their families and many in the church family have been amazed at their spirit of dedication and relationship abilities.  While neither knows for sure the final destination God has for them in Kingdom service, both are committed to serving wherever and in whatever area the Lord has for them.  Join me in thanking Kyle and Cara for a job well done!

Think Biblically.  It sounds so simple doesn’t it?  Yet the culture in which we live constantly pushes us to think on its own world view.  We sense it in our commercials, hear it in our language and see it in our movies.  The Bible says that what we think shapes who we are.  The natural mind alone can never distinguish what is good and bad for us.  Isn’t what is happening around us example enough?  If we pay attention, the Bible will give us guidance on matters of lifestyle, gender, science, education, government and economics.  The Bible never intends to replace education, but gives us a frame of reference and filter for much of what we hear and see.

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