Pastor’s Paragraphs: September 15, 2017

When life is going well we tend to take it for granted.  We begin to think that is the way it will always be and focus more and more on ourselves.  Then on a larger scale, events like the hurricanes Harvey and Irma come along.  If it is not from nature, sometimes it is from events closer to home like unexpected illness, accidents or other tragedies which reminds us we live in a fallen world.  We come face to face with not only our own suffering but that of others.  Nothing is as stable or permanent as it seems.  In fact, we even have to consider that any of us is only a breath away from eternity.

Certainly the moving scenes we have witnessed in the past months in sister states or even nearer, heighten our awareness that we could be in the same situation tomorrow from slightly different causes and calls us to action.  At this point for those in distant disaster settings, in addition to prayer, the best thing we can do is send aid through financial gifts.  Perhaps later, there will be other opportunities.  Please be reminded the need is tremendous.  You can give an offering for disaster relief through the church which will go directly to Southern Baptist relief efforts.  All money received goes toward aid.  None is taken out for administration.  I urge you to make a gift this week if you have not done so or add to what you have previously given.

Closer to home, join me in thanking all our folks who did an outstanding job on SERVE DAY.  We were blessed with an abundance of helpers on Saturday morning such that every project was able to be done.  This was the broadest effort from clothing donations, to relief packets, to ministry center refurbishing, to playground restoration which I ever remember our church undertaking.  Take note of some of the pictures inside this mail out.  Thank you SERVE TEAM leadership and everyone who had a part in the day.

I hope you will be present Sunday morning as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and I continue the messages from Philippians.  Then on Sunday evening we have the privilege of ordaining five new Deacons.  It will be an exciting and meaningful day of worship.

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