Thank You Chad!

This week Chad Royal celebrates his 25th anniversary as the Building Superintendent at Eastern Hills. We are forever grateful to Chad for his dedication and for the manner in which he does his job. Chad is one that works behind the scene, yet his work involves every area and every ministry of our church. There is well over 100,000 square feet in our main building and then the additional buildings and the grounds. Overseeing the maintenance of our facilities is a huge job. Chad does a great job in making sure everything is in place for all of the activities for the ministries of our church. It is Chad’s ‘ministry.’ It is his ‘heart.’ It is his desire that everything goes on without a flaw. Chad has been doing this so long and knows the buildings and the ministries so well that most of the time he is thinking ahead of us. Many times I have called him to request his help for an activity and he already has the room ready. We literally could not do our jobs without the work and ministry of Chad. He is truly a servant for the Lord. Thank you Chad for 25 years of faithful service! Thank you for the manner in which you do your job. It is a pleasure to serve beside you and I look forward to many more years of service with you here at Eastern Hills. 

Pastor Dan

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