We Are Eternally Grateful

One of the results of having kids around our home is it feels a lot of times that my life is lived in animation. One of our favorite movies to watch is the classic Toy Story. In the second Toy Story, there is a scene that I love and one which is an analogy for how the gospel works in our lives. 

If you have seen the movie, you know the scene!!  It is towards the end of the movie where Al has taken Woody hostage and is on his way to the airport to sell Woody and the round up gang. However, Woody’s friends have shown up to help save their beloved friend. Led by Buzz, Woody’s friends commandeer the Pizza Planet delivery truck to chase down Al and save Woody. During the high-speed chase, the toys make a sharp left-hand turn which causes the aliens hanging around the rear-view mirror to break free and fly towards the open window on the passenger side of the truck. While it looks as if the aliens will meet their impending doom, at the very last second Mr. Potato Head makes the save, grabbing onto the aliens and pulling them to safety back inside the truck. As the aliens realize their lives have been saved, they declare their loyalty to Mr. Potato head with these powerful words. “You have saved our lives; we are eternally grateful.” 

I remember as a young child trying hard to obey the rules and keep the commandments because I thought that is what God wanted me to do and by doing so, I would please Him. That is practicing religion!!  Religion says if you do this if you obey you will be accepted. It is your duty to obey!! As I grew older and began walking with the Lord, I learned more how the gospel works in our lives. Loving, following, and living for Jesus is not a duty to be carried out, but because He has saved us from our sin, we get to love Him, follow Him, and live for Him!! And what a joy it is to do so!!

In a few weeks many of us will gather with family and friends and enjoy large quantities of food. I hope during this time we will all take time to reflect a moment on this thing for which we give thanks! I hope this is the best Thanksgiving ever for you and your family. I also understand that this time of year can be hard for some. Life hits us all differently, but I do hope that if you are looking for something to be grateful for or if you are looking for hope during this season you will be able to say these words:  You have saved our lives, I am eternally grateful!! And I hope that these words and this truth gives hope and joy and creates an attitude of gratefulness to our great God.

Pastor Jeff

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