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Greg Stier is evangelist, author, speaker, and founder of Dare 2 Share Ministries.  Greg wrote a blog post in 2018 titled, 5 Reasons you Should Keep your Teens Involved in Youth Group. The number one reason listed by Greg was, teenagers need models and mentors. Carey Nieuwhof is another bestselling leadership author, speaker, and podcaster.  Carey wrote an article for Parent Cue that was titled Why Your Kids Need Five Other Adults in Their Lives. In this article, he made the case for teenagers having five other adults they can confide in, seek out for advice, and trust.  

I have been in student ministry in some capacity for almost 20 years and in my experience, I can confirm the truths that both Carey Nieuwhof and Greg Stier write about. I want to be clear that I absolutely believe that parents are the primary disciple maker in the life of their children. I also wholeheartedly believe that parents have the greatest impact and influence on the way kids see and view religion and faith. The point of this article is not to diminish the role parents play but to make a case for teenagers needing other voices in their life outside of parents. Voices of trusted, Godly adults who care about the eternity of teenagers.  

I hope by now as you read this you know that this Sunday at Eastern Hills, we will have our first ever SERVEXPO. In order to be the church, we need you!! Many areas need help to operate so we can be the church to our community and our city. I want to take what little space I have left in this article to make the case for why we need you in the student ministry at Eastern Hills.

The idea that teenagers need models and mentors and other Godly adults speaking into their lives is an idea that I absolutely agree with. What better place to get that than in the church? Our student ministry provides an opportunity to have a mentor/role model relationship with a teenager. One of the biggest selling points I have tried to make for serving with student ministry is that this ministry can thrive by you simply just being present. That’s it!! Can you be present? Can you care for students? Then you can serve in student ministry.  Now, if you have gifts and abilities that you want to use to do more than just show up, I would love for you to use those gifts!!  

If you can drive a bus, cook a meal, teach a small group, or encourage a teenager — then there is a place for you to serve!! I look forward to seeing you and talking with you this Sunday at the SERVEXPO! Stop by the student ministry table and let’s talk!!        

Pastor Jeff  

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